What We Do

SPANNED has existed in one form or other since March 1976 and its work has a threefold emphasis.


for people with special needs and disabilities and their families. This is particularly important at key moments such as diagnosis, change of situation, and serious illness and death. The agency also sponsors work for deaf people in the diocese and supports the ministry to travelling communities.


of the particular gifts that each person has in order to enable them to ’contribute’ more to the life of the church and society in general. We have taken part in many inventive projects within our parishes, the majority of which are based in drama and liturgy.


of the general public to see people with disabling conditions in an entirely positive way and to include them more fully in the life of the church and society.

Short breaks and holidays are regular events and the groups take part in national and international organisations such as HCPT and ’Faith and Light’.

The agency was responsible for pioneering the very first Faith and Light ’Celebration’ at Mount St. Mary’s College, Sheffield, in August 1978, during which the use of mime and music to interpret and ’proclaim’ the scriptures was also initiated. This practice now takes place all over the world.

For the past few years, we have undertaken a particular project together in our groups and in the events when we come together during the year, and, as you have already seen, this year’s work is concerned with ”Climate Justice”.

The agency has published a quarterly magazine since 1977, which keeps people in touch with each other and records our group activities. It may be obtained from Fr. Frank Daly at St. Peter’s Priory and our postal office is at: St Peter's Priory, Leicester Rd., Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1LW, Tel. 01455 634 443.