Trustee Meetings



Minutes of the meeting of trustees held at St.John Bosco Parish Centre, Leicester on Sunday November 29 2015 at 2.15pm.

Present: Tony Wheat, Fr.Frank, Kathryn Hughes, Bridget Doyle, Ann Barlow, Marie Spikings, Genny Hickey, Rita Hankey, Marina Brooks, Siobhan Hughes, Tony Wilkinson, John Crowley, Marie Leaney

Apologies: Simon Brittle, Jim Dobbin, Fr.John Martin, Barbara Drummond, Terry Coyle, Claire Pitt, Steve Barraclough, Sr.Bernadette Healey

In the absence of Simon, Tony Wheat chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed. There were no matters arising.

Finance: Bridget told us that we had £26,018.30 in the deposit account and £7,714.50 in the current account. She distributed the account forms for 2015 to the group leaders and asked to have them returned as soon as possible after the end of the year. Bridget had returned the form for the legacy of £5,000 from the estate of Professor Francis O’Grady to the solicitor to be processed. The Loughborough Group had requested a loan of £3,000 to help with their Lourdes pilgrimage next year and this had been sent with the agreement of three trustees.

Catechesis Feedback: Fr.Frank reported that all groups had been sent the material for up to the end of this year’s project. He was conscious that despite our plans for next year we still would need something of substance for each group club night and was working on it.

Future plans: Bearing in mind the 40th anniversary of SPANNED next year and oiur plans for each group to ‘host’ a session / liturgy, during which they would tell the story of their own group, the first occasion will take place with the Loreto Club on Sunday February 28th at the Good Shepherd Church, Nottingham with Mass at 2.30pm. Other dates and venues have to be confirmed and the Derby event will be on May 15 at the AGM, Scunthorpe on June 26 and Leicester on November 27. Because the Hinckley group will be hosting the annual Mass on September 17 another date might have to be found for them to tell us their story but we do not want to make too much work and travel for everyone. The Loughborough Group will sort out a date in the near future. Fr.Frank spoke about the portable ‘memorial wall., which we could make and take to each venue and asked group leaders to send in the names of all members who had died since the beginning of their groups as soon as possible.

Outreach: Taking the theme of this year’s work forward involved out trying to be more outward looking and out-going. Suggestions had been made about going into parishes as we had done with the Pauline Project in 1983 and this may be a possibility. The Sunshine Club had held an open evening to which they invited people to come to raise funds for the Syrian refugees stranded in Calais, and with donations, this had now surpassed £500. The Loughborough Group were going to York with Faith and Light before Christmas to sing carols in the city centre as usual. Much of this could be discussed at our meeting in Hinckley in January. Fr.Frank is trying to put together a musical called “The Balm of Mercy”, incorporating several scenes from the “Dance of the Light” and writing words to existing songs, but it was a very difficult thing to do as mercy is a concept rather than an event. The bishop has set aside the date of October 16 for us to ‘perform’ the piece, so hopefully something will appear well before then! Fr.Frank handed out ‘scrap’ books for each group to make up during the year, telling the story of their group, and these will be presented to the bishop for the diocesan archive at the Hinckley Mass.

Trustees’ points: Tony Wilkinson thanked the trustees for the loan of £3,000 towards their pilgrimage but he had not planned for the cost of the coach to Stansted or the insurance necessary so there was still going to be a significant amount of money to be raised. Fr.Frank proposed that we make a grant of £2,000 to the Loughborough Group in addition to the loan and Ann Barlow seconded this. Fr.Frank thanked those people who had involved themselves in the AlterNativity project in his parish over the last ten years. That very morning the amount raised had surpassed £100,000, which was a tremendous achievement. He also spoke of the story used in this year’s work, “Without Words…” which had been printed up and was on sale for £1 a copy as part of the Sunshine Club’s effort for the Syrian refugees. He proposed to organise a day for the diocese next year on the theme of preaching the gospel in a secular age using the same title, and incorporating our work over the years. Kathryn then told us that she and her husband would shortly be moving to Chepstow in order to be nearer their daughter and grandson and that therefore she was regretfully tendering her resignation as our secretary. This was accepted with great sadness by everyone, bearing in mind that Kathryn had actually been our secretary for over 22 years! Fr.Frank paid a warm tribute to her for her professionalism and devotion to the agency and the Tuesday Club in particular and while we all wished her every good fortune in her new ‘life’, she would be sorely missed. All trustees heartily agreed. It is likely that she will be moving at the end of January, so she was not sure that she would be able to join us for our meeting, but in any event she was anxious to keep up her relationship with everyone and would certainly be coming to join us from time to time in the future. Tony then said that we need a new secretary (!) and Fr.Frank said he was looking into the matter. He had spent a few days with Dave Thomas the previous week, who was missing Gill terribly, and sent his regards to us all. Fr.Frank then spoke about our proposed project on dementia. He had written an article for the next edition of the magazine which was being printed, and also for the diocesan newspaper in which it has not been included. The trustees would speak at length on the matter in January but in the meantime he asked if anyone had any ideas and suggestions about the sort of form we should send out to parish priests, he would be glad to hear them in advance.

Next meeting: will be at St.Peter’s Priory, Hinckley on Sunday January 24 from 12.30pm to which we will bring some lunch (please let Fr.Frank know beforehand)

There being no further business, Tony thanked Genny, Rita and the Leicester group for their generous hospitality once again and closed the meeting.